Actually, maybe WordPress is the answer

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I remember back in the day pooh poohing WordPress.  Pfft, it’s just a blog not a real content management system. That’s what I’d say and that’s what I believed.  I used systems such as Silverstripe or just do things in HTML rather than use WordPress.  But now I eat my words as it’s my default CMS of choice.  It’s still not super intuitive once you have it installed but most people… Read More »Actually, maybe WordPress is the answer

We rise by lifting others

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The title of this post – We rise by lifting others, was a default one that came with the WordPress theme we’re using.  And I’m leaving it as is and updating the content!  Because that is one of our goals.  Lifting others and thereby lifting ourselves through shared knowledge sharing. Did you know by teaching others or learning with the intent of teaching others is one of the best ways… Read More »We rise by lifting others