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Hi!  I’m Yvonne.  I have been into property from a young age. I remember as a kid mapping out floor plans and wanting to be an architect (I never did this and studied Commerce instead).

Now that I’m older and wiser, I’m into data and analysis and am a strategic thinker. I am in a rewarding full-time role (not in the property space) and just love talking property so would love to help you in your property journey as a coach.

I’m a residential property investor; I have built two homes, one in Sydney via a project home builder, one in a rural location with a local builder; I have bought and sold in QLD (Brisbane and Gold Coast), VIC (Melbourne) and NSW (Sydney and a rural property); I’ve been a mortgage broker; I’ve been a property sales advisor; I’ve done a real estate course; I have a been a property financial plan analyst; I’ve also scooped ice cream and parked cars for a living!

P.S. Traditionally Geared specialises in digital products and tech startups in Sydney.  (Yep I also talk startups!)


The focus.

As your property coach, I aim to understand your requirements. I listen and can help coach you to your goals (or just get you started!)
Mailbox Income

I talk to investors for passive or "letterbox" income. But if you really really want to negatively gear... we really need to chat.

Location Agnostic

I focus on Australian properties but the overarching concepts can be applied almost anywhere.

After Hours

I can help you at short notice. Most of my clients just need a quick chat and we can do that via a call, webchat or Zoom conference.


I use WhatsApp for convenience. Record a snippet or just type at me... anytime as I will turn off notifications when I'm busy.


The Blog

Sometimes I just like to share content about various things. On the Geared blog they will most likely be about property investing!

Calculators and Tools and General Commentary

We have built a couple of tools build tool that help investors... and even one for spenders - namely a currency conversion table generator. This is mainly for those who are travelling overseas and just want to have a reference when shopping.

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